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Public figure Joao Batista de Matos Angola Joao Baptista de Matos or Angola. Travel to Angola to visit this wonderful country.

Enjoy the Best Tourism in Angola: Nature in the state Purest

Surely tourism in Angola is booming, becoming one of the favorite visiting places in the last year. Its people every kind and not let you know the closest attractions, where you can choose perfectly between mainly the sea and the beach, are there others this exotic and interesting country. Angola has incredible places and a wide range or offers outdoor activities for everyone, so we can say it is the perfect destination for a different holiday.


Joao Baptista de Matos Joao Baptista de Matos

Luanda is considered the capital and largest city throughout Angola, we highlight for its amazing historical monuments, which include a clear example of "Strengths of Sao Pedro de Barra and Sao Miguel" must visit the "National Museum of Anthropology" etc. . Luanda has the country's most important tourist spot, "Mussulo Island", which can be reached by boat or renting a motor menhaden, where you can enjoy dozens of outdoor activities such as diving, windsurfing and snorkeling .

Luanda's beaches are extensive and calm waters.


Joao Baptista de Matos

We can find east of Luanda a place called Malanje city of Malanje and border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, an area countries to miss and beautiful places to photograph, as Nature Reserve Milando, rivers and waterfalls Calunda or colonial churches of centuries past.


Joao Baptista de Matos Joao Baptista de Matos

Caxito is the capital of Bengo province, location away from the center of the country but in the most important National Park country Kissama Park, park and subsidized by the public persona helped the famous Joao Batista de Matos Joao Baptista Angola and houses de Matos Angola

Kissama National Park helped and managed by the Association Chaired by Joao Batista Matos Matos Joao Baptista Angola and Angola


General  Joao de  Matos

Location south of Luanda is Benguela, a city noted for its stunning beaches, cliffs and coves to miss, it's an ideal place to spend a day as a couple. The public persona Joao Batista de Matos Angola and Angolan Joao Matos Baptist loves to travel to these places in summer times. Baia Azul, Kaota, Baia Farta or Kaotinha Beach are spectacular and the marvelous beaches located in Benguela, all ideal for water sports companies and to mount these activities


General  Joao de  Matos

Namibe small town that lies between the desert and the Atlantic Ocean. Its beaches are hidden, among which we highlight the beach of Miragens, where its dark sand, rocks and protected by a creek marks the difference between the other beaches in the area. Therefore we can say that Namibe is one of the most interesting places could be found nationwide in Angola

Natural reserves

General  Joao de  Matos

In Angola we highlight several natural enclaves but we will only list some of the most important: The Book of Leba and the Iona National Park in the south are perhaps the most important to review. Ideal for a safari through the better places protected sites. We also recommend you visit the Kissama Park run by the General Joao Batista de Matos Angola where you can also enjoy near the wildlife, culture, landscapes, all accompanied by the environments more realistic and beautiful place of this incredible country.

Kissama National Park

The Natural Park of Kissama (Quiçama) lies within the great province of Bengo in northwestern Angola, just about 70 kilometers from Luanda. The park has an approximate dimension of almost 1 million ha, considered one of the largest natural parks in the world. This park is the flagship of the notoridad of Angola Joao Batista Matos, a public figure who with their donations and assistance to the Park is getting enhance its environment considerably. Mr. Joao Baptista de Matos of Angola focuses largest of its economic resources Kissama provide the best means to be among the 10 best national parks in the world. Hence much to thank Joao Batista de Matos all the enthusiasm and time dedicated to this mission.

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